Paddington Pollaky

McGill University
in Montreal
currently (Dec 2023) has an online exhibition called
Ciphers of the Times which includes an intriguing Pollaky-related interactive puzzle online entitled
Pollaky's Agonizing Adventure
This blue text is a link to it

Contemporary quotes by well-known people about Pollaky include these:


The keen penetration of Paddington Pollaky

(Patience or Bunthorne's Bride)

Charles Dickens
... are these men the agents of Pollaky and Co., and for what are they on the look-out?

(Small Beer Chronicles)

Charles Lutwidge Dodgson (Lewis Carroll)
... Mr Pollaky has just been here: his head and shoulders were covered with earth ...
(Letter written 1869)

Friedrich Engels
Pollaky has long had a Private Police Office in London ...
(Letter written 1882 — translated)

13 Paddington Green 2010
Centre (tall house):
13 Paddington Green, home of Paddington Pollaky as it looked in 2010, shortly before it was demolished.