Paddington Pollaky

The Pollaky Project


A biography of Victorian private investigator
Ignatius Paul 'Paddington' Pollaky

and a Gothic Opera
based on events from his life

Ignatius Paul Pollaky was born in 1828
in Pressburg (now Bratislava). He lived
for most of his life in England and became
one of the most famous private detectives
of the 19th century.

The image (r) is a rare likeness of him and was created
in 1874 by the French artist Faustin Betbeder.

Below is Pollaky's copyrighted trademark - registered in 1874

Audi Vide tace
AUDI, VIDE, TACE. - Hear, see, be silent.

This comes from the masonic motto:
Audi, Vide, Tace,
si vis vivre in pace.

(Hear, see, be silent,
if you would live in peace.)

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